I would first of all congragulate the two newly elected members of parliament for the respective constituencies. At this juncture, I would sense that people of these constituencies are putting a lot of trust in you to take them forward in terms of development. A view from the rural people and most Solomon Islanders is that those who are elected to the parliament are solely responsible for bringing about changes in the constituencies. The MPs are perceived to be "development and change agents". But I guess that the equation is still imbalance.

There needs to be a shift in the mindset of the people about change. Change is difficult unless we contribute towards it, in our own little ways. One is to labour and not to ask for any reward.That is we need to work collaboratively with the leaders towards change and not to expect that with his presence in the Parliament, there should be change coming.When in the parliament his duties would be expanded to cover other national issues and interest. So all we need also is to vote for people oriented policies of the government. Thus, parties are important. Parites with policies that are compatible with the rural standards and means of improvement of the living standards, not development. Let us work on improvement, before we can achieve development.