Interesting to know that there are contrasting views that accrue to the action taken by Dr.George Manimu. What Silas Ika stated can be true to certain extend, with the understanding that there are procedures through which ones dissatisfaction can be voiced out. Here I'm referring to the current existing codes of conduct observed by the electoral commissioner, Should it have a stated saying against such action.

However such allegation against Dr.Manimu by Silas Ika may not always possible by a careful investigation of the issue and circumstances surrounding Dr.Manimu's reaction. Dr.Manimu is one of the prominent leader and a most needed figure that well suits our country's uttermost struggles at the moment. For that I supposed that he has a reason for doing it. But overstating and jumping to conclusion at such early stage is not really helpful to handle such issue.

On the other hand, Nautaloa's comment ought to be scrutinized and trimmed to speak well of what he was trying to say. Whilst relying on a review committee can be an alternative to remedy the issue, the philosophy of democratic must be upheld. To coin laws and policies in order to prevent intending candidates with the characters as described by Nautaloa i.e. businessman, expeireceman, religious man and even gardeners is anti-democratic and will not be possible at any rate. At the same time, Nautaloa's philosophy needs a lot of explanation. Because a businessman can be a brainy man, an experience man may also be a brainy man, a religious man can be a brainy man and even a gardener can be a brainy man. And I believe history has a lot to justify and testify the truth of what I am saying.

Therefore fellow mates and future potential leaders and citizen of Solomon Islands, be fair and open-minded, prepare to face the challenges and the complexities of our tomorrow