Dear Editor,

Grateful for allowing me space in you paper to express my congratulation and best wishes to our newly elected MP for East Honiara, Honourable Silas Milikada.

I wish to share just a simple word of insights to our newly elected honourable and Member of Parliament for East Honiara. God has given you five senses and that's the simple tools you need to use to achieve what you have been mandated to do within the limited time you have in power.

1.Open your eyes to see the needs of the people.
2.Open your ears to hear the cry of the people.
3.Open your heart to touch the lives of the people.
4.Open your doors to feed and quench the thirst of the people.
5.Open your mind to smell the beauty and the goodness of the people.

It is far too long that the people of East Honiara constituency have been waiting, to see of any changes for good or for worse. Now it's your turn and you have already twisted the minds of the people according to the number of votes you have in the ballot boxes. Despite of all the discrepancies and complications in the process of counting, no one will deny the fact that you are now the choice of the people of East Honiara Constituency. In your planning just remember to keep things simple and steady. Keep your emotions away, as you address the real issues longed over due, the decisions you made must be based on "Community oriented interests" rather than just for only a minority.

Finally, keep your aspirations high with dignity, so that you can inspire those that you lead before your time expires.

Congratulation and God bless our beloved nation Solomon Islands.

Selison Faisi Gwally
Assitant Director of Student Services
Pacific Adventist University
Private Mail Bag
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea