I do not understand why SIFF would allow the Solomon Islands National Soccer team to play a State team like Brisbane Wolves. It is unbelivable!. Here is a State team that does not even play in the premier league in Australia, the A-League and it is allowed to play the national Soccer team of Solomon Islands.

Think about it SIFF. The same analogy would be allowing a club team (not even a Provincial team) from the Solomon Island Provinces to travel to Australia and play the Socceroos. The same analogy applies to any club team from PNG. You think the Australian Football Federation would allow that to take place. They will never allow that to happen because if that is allowed then it dimishes the integrity of their national soccer team and its sovereignty. SIFF should only allow Brisbane Wolves to play club team or a selection from Honiara but not the National Soccer team. They should not be used for the fund raising exercises of SIFF.

The Solomon Islands National Soccer team belongs to the people of Solomon Islands (Not SIFF) and its sovereignty and integrity must be maintained. Tne National Soccer team should only be allowed to play a national selection, a top notch team from the premier leagues of the World, including the A-league but not bazaa teams.