I agree with Peter's call for a review of the Solomon Islands Electrol Act.

However, what I do not agree with is his call for a selection criteria, identifying who is fit to stand as a candidate. As citizens of Solomon Islands, we all have equal rights to stand for any election and be voted in Parliament. This right is protected by the Constitution, and it cannot be amended by any Government unless it has a 3/4 support of the Parliament. This itself shows how important this provision is.

The focus should be on us as voters. It is our choice. Its up to us whether we choose a carpenter, taxi driver, pastor, business man, crook or a university graduate. At the end of the day, the candidate is just a name, we (the people) are the one's that give recognition to that name by voting him/her into Parliament.

The neccesary changes that needs to be done to the Electoral Act whether the system has serve us well. Is the FPP system working? Is it logical to have someone who gain the support of only 25% of the voters representing us in Parliament? If so, who interest is he serving, his 25% or the constituency?

Why not look at other systems practice in countries in the region? Vanuatu has a very simple system. All you do is place a tick or number beside the name of you best 3 or 4 candidates, and all four will represent the Constituency in Parliament. In that way, the population is well represented in Parliament.

This are just some food for thought.