In my own opinon, I think what my college Mr. Silas Ika said regarding the so call by-election is true in some way, where people with that kind of intergrity should be delt with accordingly. However, in my point of view I think it is high time that the government of the day look seriously in amending the electrial act.

This is to avoid such incident like this to happen in the future, a review committee should be appointed. As part of the review I suggest that we should put conditions for intending canidates, we need people with brains and not businessmen, experiencemen, religiousmen and even gardeners.

In order for Solomon Islands to prosper we need people with qualifications and transparent manners and accountability, in order for our nation to positively grow in its political life. This would also make our motto meaningful "to lead is to serve", and not "serve is to lead," like what has been happening in the country now.