Freedom of choice is one of the basic rights that underpin the advancement of democracy and democratic societies. In family, business, and politics or in all manner of decision making process individuals are offered with options and alternatives. The process of making choices may not be required to be systematic and may take less effort to think through with individual. This is because the decision taken will be personal with no or minimal consequences on others and on the immediate surrounding.

For example a child when offered with either an ice cream or a remote control toy would understandably be indifferent. He may choose ice cream at first and after a few seconds would prefer the toy. Further still he may claim both. The kid exercises his freedom of choice - fair enough.

When one is on a public and Honorable position the process of making choices must not be narrowly focused on the literal meaning of freedom of choice, instead it comes with responsibility. This has to be greater responsibility that inclusively consider the implications of such decision to ones integrity, and on political instability and its impact on investment confidence, service delivery and ultimately to the lives of poor Solomon Islanders.

This is has been the missing leadership quality that caused the recent political stand off. It applies to the way the Government made certain decision, the decision taken by the defectors, and off course certain decision taken by the opposition to say whatever they had to say in public statements. Yes I accept that this is the stage at which politics has been developed to in our country. I would however, regard the recurring crossing of the floor by Hon Koli as gone too far and a clear credibility deficiency in a leader.