Prior the completion on the review of the Draft Federal constitution, it's now time that the central government should consider its decision on adopting this system of government.

Particularly, the scene of development in every province is rather uneven though some are blessed with natural resources and economic opportunities. Taking the 30 years endeavor of the country is nothing but a struggle to maintain the dot of our existence in the globe. We do not need a change of government but rather should strengthen the centralized government and improve economic development and pay our foreign debt. We are making our situation complicated if we change our present government into federal system.

Should we? Federalism involve a complex set of factors as it allows many functions to be "farmed out" by the central government to the states or provinces. However, the current trend of leadership and economic situations simply defines our Nation is not ready to adopt this system of government. This system would rather create inequalities across the country. Individual provinces differ markedly in educational spending and achievement, crime and crime prevention, natural resources and a healthy economic base.

On his bold step, Alex Lokopio re reinstates Western Provinces stands for adopting this system. Credited either, its true federalism brings government closer to the people. It allows more direct access to, and influence on, government agencies and policies, rather than leaving the population restive and dissatisfied with a remote, faceless, all-powerful central authority. But remembers Sir, it's very expensive to have a federal kind of government when your current government brings nothing positive to Western Province. What good did the host province achieve from housing Solomon Taiyo Ltd, a major Tourist destination, major logging province and agricultural products? Who was to blame? Premier Lokopio, every decision done by most of your provincial and National MPs is corrupted in your own favors and drastically put our province to its colonial days.

Western Province should first improve our copra sector, fishing industry and infrastructures before our province will get one step closer for adopting federalism, other wise stop making false propagandas that we are ready for state government. It's sad to learn that most institutions are not managed properly and most leaders of our province are great thieves of funds like RCDF, rehabilitation funds and Donor Project Funds, thus it's better to change these attitudes first before adopting federalism with leaders who are people, development and decisive oriented. Generally, this would encourage development of the province and allows unique and innovative methods for tackling social, economic and political problems. This equals economic development and beneficial to our own people