Dear Editor,

I would also like to join Mr. Rick Hou and others in congratulating Mr. Denton Rarawa on his new appointment as Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. As someone who knows Denton and on one occasion accompanied him to a Bank of England symposium, like Mr. Hou and others, I am confident in his professional capabilities.

I also wish to commend the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon Snyder Rini, for making the right choice.

Given Mr. Rarawa's wealth of professional experience, outstanding communications skills, passion to serve Solomon Islands and strong intellectual leadership and economic policymaking at the highest level, like Mr. Hou and others, I believe that Mr. Rarawa will shoulder his new responsibilities with flying colors. Under his governorship, I believe that CBSI will grow from strength to strength.

Congratulations Denton Rarawa on your appointment.

Raynold Moveni
International Monetary Fund
Washington DC