Maybe the problem the PS for provincial government had was the fact that many flash drives look alike...!! By the way am not sure whether a government document such as the file containing the 'presentation to brief the Premiers about the progress which the Government has made on last year's Premiers' recommendations' supposed to be stored in a personal flash drive. I assume that most departments in the government have some sort of official flash drives, and other electronic gadgets (I maybe wrong). In the olden days, carrying a wrong flash drive is like carrying a wrong hard cover file that contained official documents.

To carry a wrong file from Honiara to Temotu for a national leaders meeting is like carrying a bag of copra instead of a bag of rice to a feast over mountains, valleys and rivers. I use these analogies to express how I view this very notion of wrong flash drive to justify what happened. It shows how some of our top officials treat Solomon Island affairs with very slack attitude (no care, last minute preparation).

Furthermore, I do not really understand what the SSPM refer to when he said the PS was saved by throwing the flash drive into the sea. Nevertheless, I hope appropriate actions are taken. Finally, I incline to suggest that it is one of the many incidences happening in the national executive cadre that should bring about some positive realization into having people with decent reputations and attitudes to hold executive positions.