The incidnet in the primiers conference where a pornographic picture was acidently shown to the audience by the permanent secretary of the ministry of provincial government is indeed shamefull. It shows that the PS is not prepared for this very important presentation where our leaders gathers to discuss matters affecting our nations development. This can be seen in his ignorance of the content of the flash drive or laptop that was used.

To avoid such things happening again in the future, I suggest that the a criteria for selecting executive officers of the government such as PS position must demand high ethical standards. People must show through their experinces and honest referees from credible people or sources that they posses ethical qualities before the Job could be given to them.

Leaders such must maintain a high moral standard and must always be serious about the role they play in their position. The incident at the premiers conference shows an example of a lose and conplecent attitude of a leader towards a very important role; that is to advice our premiers honestly and with high ethical standards.