Publishing Privacy

I was sad to learn and to read such news on the highly honorable meeting, in due respect to the fathers of the provinces (Premiers) and the Prime minister of our Nation who representing the people of Solomon Islands, such slides is indeed arisen anger questions and lots of reasoning. This action is non-than disrespect, breaking codes and ethics and how carelessness this was. Even excuses was given to that happening, but again, the Bible says, "sure your sin will find you out" sadly the dignity was already been filtered that is the core of a respective leader as far us Solomon Islands is concern.

And again I am surprise "pornographic photos were of a local female who was showed up" (Solomon stars 18 August). Come on womens you are the pride of our nation be strong stand on your principle, mothers of the day, young womens think and analysis, is the actions acceptable to our societies? Mens of Solomons its us they called Solomon to be Christian Nation. Where are the Christian principles? Are we whole-heartedly upholding it? Those acting pornography you are publishing your privacy is a shame on you and our country it's a bad reflection of the name of Solomon Islands. Showing to us that you being influence and sell your beauty, this was not our culture it's against it. Woman be strong in your decisions be sensitive to the lust of the flesh so as the men.

Leaders of Certain calibers, this is wickness and it is a sin, remember sin is down fall of a nation, what happening with Sodom and Gomorrah it is the result of wickness. We can constructive goals, implement sound policies of Development want lasting peace, but wickness is creeping and there are some leaders who fall into it who knows but the Lord sees, but remember there is some one that nothing is hidden from him, He is eyeing such and one day things practice in private will become the public ministry. My lames believe will remain, that is, Problem after the other will prevail on our Nation if there was no consideration to such and someone to change (repent) from his/her ways and fears the Lord.

In the context of Sin it can be also term as a crime, what is not acceptable or not go along side with the law will be bring to Justice and has consequences, for example, those produce kwaso, the thieves, Murder and so forth are being behind the bar. Our societies really hate them for this action then what about acting porno?

Leaders of the Province you have seen with your own eyes of that, and it pave a way for this issue as it become An agenda for discuss during the meeting as I suggest, this picture is one of those of our own provinces. What then you will go to said about it, the issue is at hand.

However this happens and it awake others that such is a lesson that one can learn from. And turn from his or her wick ways and practice life that is acceptable to God. This news is widely heard and it is not a good sign either. Let us hold our hands and raise Solomon Islands in righteousness for the betterment of all of us.