I concur with the MASI executives that "the Constitutional Congress is an important part of the democratic process in this country [SI]. And all the people of this country [SI] should have full access to information about it."

Just when we think the current government has got a few of its basics right around democracy and media, the contrary is emerging. A case in point is the above mentioned issue.

The PMO cannot go beyond the obvious. Media have a role to play in our democracy and the public have a right to know what will and being discussed in the above Congress. Such actions posits arguably to an enterprise of "media stifling", one that which can no longer be accepted by informed citizens.

It may also be reflective of a subtly case where some of our current high office custodians maybe tailoring democracy to become at best 'democrazy' or worst 'demon-crazy.'

People have a right to information and MASI must be applauded for the role it plays to enabling its realisation in our democracy. Who's for 'democrazy'?