What a shame to begin a very dignified meeting with a phornographic note! I guess it must have been an awakening call for the government. Numerous implications can be reached from this gisgraceful act.

Firstly, the permanent secretary for Provincial Government, Fred Ganate could be right in proposing that the flash was not his, though it is debatable. The fact that he was prepared for a presentation, and the medium (flash and laptop) to use for his presentation cannot rule out his innonce.

Secondly, it seems as though the PS does not bother to re-check his slides the day before the actual presentation. Whether the slides have been in the flash or the hard drive, he would have known better the right document. This shows his complacerncy about government matters. In addition, phonorgraphic pictures don't come on the screen by themselves. He clicked, to open, whether on purpose or not. Therefore, one could also postulate that he lacked knowledge on the existence of the phornographic document within the flash but not his laptop.

Thirdly, from his defence, it seems as though the presentation was prepared for him by another person. However, he could have done it himself from his laptop and avoid the phornograhic pictures from the flash if he denied the flash being his. Yet, it is also uncertain whether the obscene pictures are from his laptop or the fash.

However, the truth remains and it is within Fred's 'hard-drive', his brain. He knew the truth. He must admit the truth. Truth cannot be hidden, nor will it be trodden on, suppressed or buried. The Holy Scripture gives a sound warning, ' Be sure your sin will find you out'.

Finally, though we are humans who are vulnerable to making mistakes, such issues about prominent leaders within Government burecracy is unacceptable. It speaks volume about oneself, ethnicity, family, religion, and the government as a whole. May the right action be taken by responsible authority in disciplining such leaders.