Although Your Telekom is owned by NPF and members of NPF is benefiting from the profits of the company, majority of Solomon Islanders are not members of the NPF. As an active member of NPF, I have been robbed of my limited cash by high rates of telephone calls I have been making since I have access to the network.
In Samoa, I have been making so many calls to my family in Honiara with only $40 (Samoan Tala). This is surprising.

We want competition. Looking back at Telekom, for example, during the ethnic tension when most large businesses closed down Telekom still made huge profit of more than $10 million dollars.

I was in South Africa in April this year. I tried to make calls to Honiara but all I could hear was sound of girls having sex. If that is how Your Telekom is making its profit, I would say, Digecel you step in