By far, the most disgraceful decision in the ongoing political saga was that which was taken by Hon Koli. The decision had to the drug of the Honorable across the muddy field between the Government and Opposition. The decision was disgraceful to himself, his constituency and to political development in the country.

I mean how short sightedness was he so that he could not assess the political environment. He would not reason with both parties, instead he accepted what was on hand and cross the floor. As a leader this was totally a weak position and clear sign of a person who could not rationalize important issues.

There was tense politically, but generally I suppose Honiara was peaceful and people went around doing their usually business. In such an environment who would believe that Hon Koli made his decision under duress? This is long after post conflict period, only children who are not qualified to vote would believe it. Hon Koli must not blame the Government and its agent or the opposition for that matter. He must blame himself for taking such a decision. This decision was a shame.