It is a disgrace indeed to see that prominent government official,in a meeting that was attended by different premiers from around the Solomon Islands archipelago witnessing with their own eyes, evidently pictures which are obscene and disgusting and shown by this government official whom is a permanent secretary himself.

Whose flashdrive is it then that such pornographic pictures be stored in? is common sense that one cannot use anothers flash drive, let alone someone of a high calibre as the government official himself..this shows that those obscene pictures belong to the government official himself and he cannot deny is a disgrace as citizens of our country will not have the trust anymore for these-so-called-government officials. The PM had done an optimisitic apporoach by suspending that official.

Now, we have seen just the tip-of-the-iceberg which portray that some government officials are storing PORNOGRAPHIC material in their computers and flash drives. The police should do something about this and to make investigations without haste..

God bless Solomon Islands.