I was appalled to read the news item on the above matter. One would imagine how the Premiers, sitting with their eyes toward the screen only to see obscene pictures appearing. There must have been some mixed reactions from those within the conference room I would imagine (I had a laugh). However whatever feelings and comments were attracted at the sighting of the obscene pictures, the only two plausible explainations are that either the flash drive was brought in by mistake or on purpose. Fred Garnate (who did the presentation) protested that the flash drive (which contained the porns) is not his. What an unreasonable & disgraceful excuse! Obviously he cannot just pick up some one else's flash drive to come to a conference knowing that he will be the one chairing the meeting and doing the presentation. The incident only reminds me about what Jesus said that a time will come when "what is hidden will be brought into light". Who knows this may just be one of the many obscene & unethical things happening in our respectable offices.