Dear Editor,

It is interesting and inspiring that the historical Chinatown comes to surface again after it was completely looted in April 2006.

It was the bad image for the country as a whole when rioters burned and looted the historical Chinatown in the name of Chinese manipulation in the politic of the land.

We have had witness how this little Chinese town of ours contribute to our country's economy and giving a source of income to our school dropouts no wonder we deny the commitment and self sacrifice they do for our country.

Now it's under construction again knowing that the buildings must comply with the Honiara City council plan with two story buildings.

Without this structural design there won't be any Chinatown unless the two story buildings which accept the mind of HCC.

Therefore, since the old and new Chinatown has been disappeared the name has to change to modern Chinatown in order to match up with current design of the HCC.

Is it the modern buildings that the Honiara City Council has encourage the business owners to build and acquired to make it modern? So why not the name change to modern Chinatown.

Maybe it is wise to rename it modern Chinatown to make it historical figure in our history.