Operation Kurukuru 2008 should also have the situation of serious and general fish stock depletion (traditional staple food), to properly consider.

Defence exercises are obviously necessary but bloody war should be avoided and prevention is better than the cure.

Many wars have started and been fought because of food shortages and harsh economic times.

It is better to regenerate the world ocean marine environment instead of just blindly destroying it and causing even worse food shortages. Vast business and employment could result from a marine environment regeneration industry.

SI economist the late Bart Ulufa'alu gained an understanding of the situation and said, "now the SI economy needs to be monetized".

People need work and wages to buy alternative food. Government needs infrastructure to operate sustainably.

Clearly, a United Nations monetization process in SI could be a RAMSI project. With adequate resources vast areas of the Asia Pacific ocean environment could be regenerated by various regional assistance missions.

More needs to be done than just invent more and more laws and defence ability to control fishing. Control is virtually useless because of the impossible costs to police entire oceans.