Every countries in the Pacific are trying to beautifying thier towns and cities, and so do Solomon Islands. However, one very important part of the Honiara city is to have a park that people can have relaxing time. There are Pacific countries where you can see that they have good clear space areas with trees and place to sit on, and I don't see it in Honiara. The Police Memorial and Children parks are very small and even far from the main shopping areas. One appropriate area is behind of the National library at Mataniko. Though it may be a private own property, but if we are to beautify our city, as the main image that reflects the whole country, then we need to have a well plan city. The area is in between China town and Point Cruz, and it is well situated. Such area can even hosting shows that once done in Townground. Moreover, it will be very attracting to tourists as well. So I believe, that when we are developing our city, a park is very important to make Honiara looks beautiful and complete.