Many SI-ders will always wish elections will bring change, and thus a chance for parliamentary politics to offer some hope for the many uncharted waters now and ahead.

Unfortunately, elections and especially these up-coming ones will either be "bye-bye-elections" for those who will lose or "buying elections" for some candidates and voters!

I am not saying our elections and its dialectics mirrored some kind of uniqueness. In the world out there, it can be argued that the same takes place but "packaged" within other labels! Big labels. In our case, we may not have the time to "play marbles" with democracy as we got a lot of things where leaders must get the basics around right now or never: land, people relocation, tsunami post rehabilitation, disable people, law and parents, RAMSI and SI-ders perception, public service -NGOs relationships, to name a few.

Against such widespread feelings of subtle hopelessness (long politiks/tisians) do we throw in the commonsense/patriotic towel? NO. The major reason being and will still be that Solomon Islands is the only country we've got, and we should never give up on her.

Maybe the amounting challenges illuminating against an inability by some of our parliamentary leaders to lead will result in a voters-realisation that we should never say 'bye-bye' to the current elections but to those who by wise judgment can not deliver in high offices. Only then can voters prove that there is a lot of chance for change, and this makes sense to me.

Hem nomoa.