Dear Editor,

It has been a long way for Solomon Telekom since its establishment in the monopoly in terms of economy.

From what I understand, everywhere in the world there is economic competition, especially in terms of communication.

But in our case, unfortunately, it was monopolised.

However, I think that Solomon Telekoms' time to monopolize our communication is now ripe and that it should now give Digicel a chance.

This is because from what I've noticed, it seems that people cannot afford the high costs of communication and to make it even worse is the monopolization that Solomon Telekom has practiced ever since it was established.

Thus I for one fully support the move that Digicel is about to take now, because it will encourage competition in the economy.

Therefore, it will be very good if Solomon Telekom would accept competition in terms of communication so as to serve the best interest of Solomon Island people.

Thus I thank the government of the day for its support towards Degicel establishmnet as well as call on Solomon Telekom to show support towards it as well.