I write in respond to Les Stark from Portland, OREGON,USA concerning the rehabilitation plight of Benjamin Totori. The results of his rehab. are not currently available but from certain reliable sources, he is currently in New Zealand doing rehabilitation there.

Furthermore, from the same source, there is an equal chance that he will rejoin his former soccer club in New Zealand, Waitakere FC, after finishing his rehab. and if fate catches up on him, he will be back at PGE Park, Portland.

It is with sadness that such a gifted player as Benji, as he is known in the Solomon Islands encounter such an injury especially when at the brink of his soccer career.

I have also followed Benji closely during his stint in Portland and have come to love the PORTLAND TIMBERS ARMY..becoming a TIMBERS ARMY supporter myself.

Lets hope and pray that he will recover after the Rehabilitation program and to join the Portland Timbers FC for the next soccer season.

May God bless the Portland Timbers Football club...chanting "..Rose city till I die.."