Taken from Lifhat Forum;

"How can we best resolve or arrest these so called outlaws in WC. The recent incident shows that more is needed from that community. The police alone whether local or RAMSI cannot act alone. It needs the cooperation and knowhow from the community. These so called law breakers who victimised their own relatives must be answerable to their actions, otherwise it destabilised the whole effort to drive peace and reconciliation that heavily advocated by the GP govern."

"For now, implementation of basic service and development agendas is only on papers realizing it would have to wait for the next upcoming general election." That is all what some parliamentarians would say or care for. This cycle continues and we will never resolve our cries for a simple peace. It is time our government starts to apply its laws by attaching its responsibility to the string, "TO LEAD IS TO SERVE" before it's too late. Or else I will reverse the motto as a naked statement; "TO SERVE IS TO LEAD", which I would, interpreted it as: - serving oneself first and then leading the nation next, period! ................

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