The twist and turns of the writing by Watson from Gizo is becoming of Sogavare. The crux of soverignity Soga stood for is within the facilitation act of RAMSI and the way RAMSI has been operating in the Solomon Is. If you had followed Soga's argument even before he was PM, it is all the same; it's about RAMSI.

Now we all know that Soga is actually a weak leader, who is succumed by the threat of forfeiting the PM post as if he inherited it. His weakness is seen by giving in to just one person what he percieved to be the hallmark of his leadership; SOVERGNITY; interference by RAMSI (Aust), Recolonisation by Aust through RAMSI. Agreeing not to change any apart in the arrangement of RAMSI operation; is that succumbing to the the notion of recolonisation by Aust through RAMSI as Soga so fervently stood against. Or is it because situations have changed which requires you to change which in the end reflects weak and corrupt leader who has no principle and but is more interested to save his skin.