Dear Editor,

It seems to me that nepotism is one of the main thoughts that must have flooded the minds of spectators who attended the 2008 Solo Idol competetion after hearing that David Auna is the winner.

But they should realise that when it comes to judgment of such competition, nepotism has no place in it, unless all the judges were David Auna's relatives.

From what I understand, there are a couple of them (judges) who were actually judging the competition.

In addition, it will only be people with professional music judging skills that are required to judge such a competition.

Therefore, I think that people should not be too quick in jumping to conclusions, saying that it was only through nepotism that David Auna won the Idol competition.

Rather, they should stop and think about what such a competition would involve and how each competitors would be judged as well as on what criteriers they were judged according to.

For you David Auna, I comend you for your effort. Wish you good luck as the 2008 Solo Idol.

For you Becky Maetia, I also comend you for your effort and I would like to encourage you to keep it up next year.

Good luck.