Dear Editor,

There is no doubt about the overwhelming support for the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) towards the restoration of peace. However, there are elements of caution or predicament that hopefully can be taken on board. In some parts of the world where such commissions are in operation, there are worries and even testimonies of crimes unpunished for, breaches of serious human rights/violations (Geneva Convention), conflict with judiciary, and perpetrators go unpunished. For instance, related commission such as the Reconciliation and Unity Commission (RUC) introduced in Fiji after the 2000 coup has received enormous controversy from the people. This is because the Commission was empowered to grant amnesty to the coup perpetrators. Even in South Africa, there are victims who are not contented with some elements of their Commission with regards to crime against humanity. Hopefully, we will learn from all these different types of Commissions and allow the SI TRC to accomplish its job.