This is not a response to Johnson Tata`s crap, as he did not even reply accordingly to my arguments, however just my interest to sort out his confusions.
In the core perspective, Mr Tata is confused with what i`ve mentioned because he was one sided, rather than including the weakness of the opposition party who are bundled with some of this corrupted leaders that i`ve meant . In justifying my introductory, it should be known that the defection of PB has been explained for 'balancing factor to keep Solomon Islands safe and give the prime minister a second chance to lead our country into stability". This is not a factor of signature basis, but another means to get away from the cycle of 'corruption infected leaders' on other means.
Solomon Islands is our country, of which Western and Choisuel were included, thus supporting a party with those corrupted leaders on it cannot be exercised when they are deprived from the monie amidst the past disaster. On other means, they can totally reject those kind of party if came into power. How can you feel when you learn the alleged misuse of tsunami-related funds for the Western and Choiseul provinces? How many people in our nation have this heart for their fellow citizens who have been affected? I f this the case, how can those citizens support a party with those corrupted leaders? I think, this needs not a big thing but the use of "common sense"

Considerably, Johnson Tata should figure out that the Soga led government is not in such a bad relationship with Canberra, in particular with RAMSI, but the proper correlation that could further constitute balances within the national endeavors is the case. The boycotting of the forum obviously supersedes reactions; however the review of FIA is of importance because there comes a time when RAMSI will leave our shores and we ourselves will be responsible to carry on. Don't think that Solomon Islanders are trapped in this cycle of aggressiveness where only RAMSI could lessen this for another century!!!!! Actually not. It is vital that the intervention must not undermine the local capacity for change, rather than becoming so dominant to further create dependency for another century or even millennium. Mr Johnson Tata should be proud that we are capable for further restoration and healing the wounds caused by the previous tension in the country
It is much appreciated that chauvinism exists prior the nation's sovereignty, but proper correlation is a must when considering the distinctiveness approaches as to respect the sovereignty of our country. Tata`s dubious perspective on leaders with visions seems blur and not applicable when considering the defection scenario of MP`s. The current GCC government is not on such extreme means but proper approaches on how things are taken by foreign powers is an issue of concern, that if not address accordingly, could somehow disadvantaged the sovereignty that we uphold.
It is not power hungry when Soga revealed ;"... under my leadership, the GCC Government will uphold the existing arrangements with [RAMSI] and the no arms policy of the [SIPF] until such time, as there is a unanimous consensus by the people to amend accordingly," ( Online, 1st December, 2007). This truly signifies Soga is aligned with politics with a leadership conception, while critics like Johnson Tata explained their sense of the need to take the leadership road in theorizing his confusions in power terms of democracy! It is a total scrap and baseless to say 'Soga must go!'