It's getting obvious that SI produces several talented young artists/singers/composers nowadays.

Eventhough we have not reached a stage where music can be tagged as a 'lucrative" profession, simple actions such as enacting a "Copyrights Act" with strict regulations (i.e. tooth) will go a long way in aiding the welfare of such raw talents.

Today's technology is well advanced that "pirating" of copyrighted materials is rife. This is further exacerbated by the "affordability" issue in many Pacific Island countries including SI. People will go for a pirated copy at a lower price than the original at a higher price. The end result is that our raw talents loose important income that should help keep them going in a society like ours where music is NOT a profession for a good life.

Only a Copyrights Act with strong enforcible teeths can alleviate this, but is truly a great challenge for many PICs.