I refer to Watson Joey L's article above in which he contended that Soga must stay. Apparently, he substantiated his contention towards the end of his letter in that he defended Soga as having to stand tall for the sake of the SOVEREIGNTY of Solomon Islands as a nation.
I would rather term that contention of Mr. Watson as a total crap. Sadly, a few days after Mr. Watson posted his letter, Soga came out in the media confirming to the nation that he traded his RAMSI review approach for Hon. Boyers defection to the GCCG.(Solomon Timesonline.com/30/11/07)
We all know that Soga was all along being so passionate about maintaining the sovereignty of Solomon Islands. We all know that Soga was not in a good relationship with Canbera. Whether it is about the Moti issue or not, Soga's usual accusation all along was that Australia is interferring with the sovereignty of Solomon Islands through RAMSI. That idea culminated into Soga vehemently insisted on the review of the FIA which we all know will likely see to the exit of RAMSI. (according to Downer; solomonstarnews.com) We all know too that Soga's boycott of the PIF meeting sparking criticisms was also a direct act of Soga's vehement accusation of Australia and RAMSI interferring with the sovereignty of SI. Soga did all that in the name of sovereignty of the people and the nation Solomon Islands. People like Mr. Watson and Hon M. Maga saw that and described it as 'strong', calling Soga a strong leader, wanting him to stay in power.
Sadly, the appointment of Hon. Boyers as the new Finance Minister exposed the true colors of Soga and his ulterior motive to have passionately made wrong decisions in the name of sovereignty of Solomon Islands. Impliedly, it exposes Soga as trying to impress the people with issues of sovereignty when he was not so gunuine about them. He traded them at last. It shows that he only wanted to impress the people with those national issues whilst he was actually working for his own power and all that good that may come from that power.
That appointment reduces the so called strong leader to one that traded his intergrity for a few more days in power for a few more dollars. We all know that Hon. Boyers demanded that Soga stick to the current arrangements of RAMSI if he wants him to make up his coalition numbers and hang onto power. With no hesitation and forgetting his persistent fight against foreingn elements in the name of sovereignty, Soga assurred Hon. Boyers that whatever suits him, 'your wish is my commands'. (Solomon Timesonline.com/30/11/07)
I am afraid. Soga fought for this country's sovereignty in almost everything he did in and outside of Parliament, but when his powergrip was on the verge of collapse, he traded that fight for another signature just to give him power.
Was it a gunuine fight against foreign elements for the sovereignty of this nation or just some total crap trying to impress people and make them blind? Is giving up your fight for sovereignty for a signature makes one a strong leader or a confused and silly one? After all, the events so far have sxposed Soga to be a confused laeder intead of a right thinking leader, a weak leader instead of a strong one, a dull leader instead of a vissionary one, a proud for nothing leader instead of a humble one and a bad leader instead of a good one. Therefore, SOGA MUST GO!