I was reading through the updates on Solo Idol 2008 and it is just so typical of our people to be critical and finding loop-holes in everything. Just because David is far experienced in the music scene does not mean he should be eliminated from public appearances/competitions. That in itself is discriminatory on his rights to be just like any other ordinary citizens in the country. And like Jonathan rightly stated, he wasn't the only judge at the panel. Unless of course all other judges were also related to the winner, which I highly doubt! Come on people, wake up and be logic in your "concerns" and grievances! I was a HUGE fan of Becky Maetia all through the competition because for a girl her age, she was superb! I was like every other spectator in the crowd, screaming at the top of my voice when young Becky went on the highly impressive high notes. But then I can't brush aside the fact that David is just as extraordinary in his talent and didn't question his win one bit. There is just no need to question or bicker. Competition is competition, you either bow out or you stand tall.

To David, congratulations on your win. You competed fairly like everyone else, you worked just as hard in preparing to compete and God did the rest for you!