Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to at least say a few words on some minor developments on the web.

Not long ago, the website with the domain name "" was established to the excitement of many Solomon Islanders on its multifaceted online forums.

I recalled that not only scholars' like-minded wantoks were on that board but also those who had started to encounter the essence of the web in terms of its richness of information, the shared views in an open and even field for all regardless of background.

Unfortunately, was closed for some reasons or has been moved elsewhere.

To say that the kind of an open forum such as that once operated by has disappeared was not the entire story.

I therefore, wish to announce on your site the existence of, which, like its former cousin has setup a new forum board for all Solomon Islanders for all kinds of discussion.

To all wantoks, the website address is: and the forum board can be directly accessed via this sub domain name

The forum values your mind for the sake of ongoing discussions on our common welfare and social interactivity and those directly affecting our livelihood on the islands.

Hem nomoa lo this fala end! Bless our Islands and its future leaders.