Dear Editor,

How true it has become for Sir Allan Kemakeza for uttering the words "No one is above the law" a few years ago when there were allegations made against him. This included inciting militants to damage Sol-law properties for which he is imprisoned. I now wonder about the allegation by former militants being told by Sir Allan to retain their weapons in violation of the call for the return of weapons.

Apart from Sir Allan, there are now other MPs being put in prison for acts not related to the tension. But people still want to see the 'big fish' involved in the tension locked up in Rove for the crimes against the laws of the country.

Why was Sir Allan charged on lenient terms intially, one wonders. Justice is seen to be done now. The next thing is to ensure the laws are amended to prohibit convicted persons from standing for public office. Convicts should not be voted to law making bodies.

Hem ya nao tingting blong mi.