Dear Editor,

Allow me to add few notes to my previous article on the same Title (Forum seceritariate: Aussie Maniac.)

Being maniac is perfect so long as the cause of such state of affairs will produce beneficial effects and so long as we don't appear as fools in the global arena.

There are talks of suspending Fiji from the PIF and Australia and NewZealand are banking on Melenesian vote to ensure Fiji is booted out. Reasons being, the country is run by a millitary Commander which is a poison to democratic values.

Solomon Islands and PNG has never been asked to vote against the Fiji Great Council of Chiefs, the Matai system of Samoa, the appointed parliamentarian of Tonga and the list of all democratic sins of this region goes on.

The only sensible thing PNG and Solomon Island should do in the next few minutes is to bat out Aussie & New Zealand six balls in the Forum cricket pitch.