Dear editor,

Coming from Marau I see the road drawn on most map from Marau to Avu Avu become an insult. We do not have that main road anymore, only tract. When our remaining two tractors in Marau were gone then we will go back to forest and jungle.

It is our desire that this road is maintained to allow our rural farmers easy access to port. Marau AvuAvu are potential rural and future tourism distination but without road we can not see our dream come true for future development. The last time this road was maintained was in 1978 by Bismack untill today. I salute my brother Embi and all gone old people who dig the road from Marau to Avu Avu with one loader and a tractor. We still have those big drains some 6ft deep.

If nothing is in place for the road in Marau to Kuma then better not delight the truck road on the maps. It has been too long to wait.