How could Boyers be so certain that Sogavare will keep his words on the two issues. Time and time again have we seen agreements signed dishonored. How could Boyers expect Sogavare to honor these two comittements when he himself could not honor one he had with the oppostion where he pledged his support to overthrow Sogavare.

The issue of RAMSI is the very heart of Sogavare and his powerful friends who have him there on the same ideologies (reduce RAMSI and Aust presence in the Solomon). And for Boyers to think that by having such comittment on a piece of paper will give any urge to the PM.... you got to be kidding (10 commandments and oketa married vow blo iumi bata breakem olowe nomoa). Right now, Sogavare has forgotten about the piece of paper now that Boyers is on his side.

As long as the political dust settles over (Soga remains as PM and few more MPs are pulled to him), Boyers will be a sorry person. The forces behind Soga on the issues raised by Boyers are more powerful than Boyers thought could be forgotten by a stroke of a pen. Far from that. The very people who lobbied hard to have Soga remain as PM in several attempts by the Opposition to unseat him including the current attempt have done so with such ulterior motive. Why would they waste their resources and effort for a course that is going to be thrust to the bin by one cross-over who had been their critic. For Boyers to think that he has made break through on these two important issues, that is laughable. To think that Sogavare will NOT be looking at the present arrangement of RAMSI and the facilitation act is a far fetched mentality.

Grow up Peter Boyers.