Kukuru team manager, coaches and players, we the Laucala Solomon Islands student have totally rendered our support and our humble prayers to be with you as you will be reflecting our country by the means of sport from training in OZ to the battle field.

Remmember boys with God you can make it, where it means prayer before game kick off, go for it, or scoring and give thanks to the giver of skills and strengh adore him.

Boys it will be forever recorded in history of futsal in our country, you have counted to be among the best of the world in the world of Futsal. For instance, its history to us here as you played impressively in the Vodafone arena and inddeed its our joy and pride as well as others and our country for the level of futsal in the Pacific.

Futsal boys its no longer a matter of age as you will be facing but its the inner forces with courages, and motivation of strong minds reflected with the God given skills in the foreign land.

Our support is with you all the way, fly kukuru, go kukuru!

God bless kukuru and Solomon Islands