It's a popular acumen to visualize the negative footprints that our leaders left.

Despite that, I'd like to acknowledge our former PM Sir Allan Kemakeza in subjecting to the rule of law.

His litigation fulfills his word, "No man is above the law".

Recalling the history, Sir Allan had served our beloved nation as well as he can during his leadership term. His submission to justice as being a leader portrays the ideal phenomenon for those who aspire to be leaders.

The greatest blessing of our democracy is freedom but in the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.

Our nation will find it very hard to look up to the leaders who are keeping their ears to the ground. Integrity is the core aspect of human ethics.

Remember, we think in generalities, but we live in details. Whatever failures we have known, whatever errors we have committed, whatever follies we have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequence of action without thought.

It is then fearful for an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep. May justices prevail and bless our beloved nation Solomon Islands.

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