Two of the most outspoken critics of the Sogavare government, from the very beginning, have lost their minds!
Peter Boyers and Sir. Allan Kemakeza criticized Sogavare over various government policies; above all, the controversial appointment of two MPs in jail, the appointment of Julian Moti, and the secret flight to Gizo.
In 2006, Peter Boyers tabled a multi-million dollar compensation bill, calling on the government to compensate the Western Province over the secret flight from PNG to Gizo, which he claimed endangered the entire province. The bill was defeated, but it demonstrated Boyer's determination to destroy Sogave's goverment.
In fact, this is the most effective way of bringing down a government, i.e. is attacking its ring-leader. What happened next is absolutely stunning. As soon as the government that these men fought so hard to destroy, crumbled, Sir. Kemakeza released a press statement from the mountains of Savo where he spends his last freedom before "the cage", saying he is "neutral". Peter Boyer? He ate up all his word and defected to the Sogavare's camp and sworn in as a Minister of Finance and Treasury!
How many more outspoken MPs bound for the same destination? it is just a matter of TIME!