The man who saved SIs by inviting RAMSI is going to jail? Are SI-ders witnessing an arresting and progressive political cleansing within their highest offices? Or can this be termed for some the 'long awaited march' from the cement house on the mountain to the botanical garden fenced valley?

Well people will always have different opinions, but one thing is now clear. Rove prison now has an addition to what is already a colourful bunch of "political celebrities": Former minister Charles Dausabea, Former minister Peter Shanel, and Former PM Ezekiel Alebua. And against the news that others continue to evade their court hearings, I would like to imagine the list will continue. But I have a legal right to be wrong!

I have no resentments against these men who have served public offices in different ways. However, it's a record we are seeing, and it undoubtedly establishes a case that one does not play marbles with the law!

This should not discourage political aspirants' from contesting public office, nor should tarnish politics as a vocation. It just shows to those who would like to be politicians that there are other reasons why one should be in parliament: 'you are not above the law' and 'the law bites back'.