The manipulation of partisan bias is of non interest on the comment subjected by the above. It is very much assumed that some wise people are haunted by millions of fallacies with their descriptive politics of ideology without justifications. Wantok system is the heart of politics in our era, which could be further simplified as Racial Politics, thus could be of much help to Mr. Willie Tekatoha`s introductory. In a common sense analysis, Willie's ideological view constitute obvious understanding of our current trend of politic where Kayak ride issue is blur on perspectives of the mentioned places, i.e., the western part of the country

It would be everybody's sympathy when allocated financial assistance does not reached the severely affected people of Western and Choiseul people due to some corrupt people, however it was also absurd to others like Willie Tekatoha, because they prefer leaders with this corrupt shadows, whom are sacked from the government.
Therefore, there exist no reasons and justification to say that the whole of Western and Choiseul people sympathizes with Soga, but this is a matter of reasoning realities when these provinces are major contributors economically, while denial in times of despair is the case.
In a glimpse, the Moti saga is the battlefield where it's the victory, while it's a matter of time for local figures like Primo Afu, who are manipulated by foreign forces, which could increase the trend in the loss of sovereignty. Figure what happen in Fiji, where New Zealand's Diplomat was also removed prior his involvement in the Nation's institutions to topple the Government. In the same view, the term foreigner applies to the Polynesians of Samoa, Tonga and the Melanesian of Fiji and PNG as well, but they all share the harsh approaches of the Kiwi's and Kangaroos in their national affairs. This is a scene of encirclement of the weak but sovereign equally.
There are proper approaches but neither want to nor taken seriously because it's all about their diverse interest that could boost their medium power on the international stage
On the other hand, every accusation towards the moti clandestine flight to Munda, the millions of dollars loan from ANZ for an estate in Lungga, Taiwan being guarantor, the selling of 49 percent of Government shares of Soltai came about amidst the height of the political crisis, where proper assistive reference is needed, otherwise it's a propaganda to weaken the public support for the legitimate Government of the Solomon Islands.
For the sake of Taiwan, their generous support is more than Aussie could do so, as it could be witnessed that they are doing nation building, which the latter is yet to do after all these years. A true friend was he? Why not empower the citizens to take charge of their own destiny? This is what Soga is aiming for, but denied as always.
Therefore, Mr. Willie, what if we give Soga the chance to get this right, because the next bundle of Politicians will sell our sovereignty to the self acclaimed bigger brother without proper roles and approaches that could in turn take away the sovereignty of you and me!!!!!