Thanks once again, please let me just comment back to Lency Taka. I'm from Malaita as well,

Our PM Sikua is one of the positive PM's I ever heard of in thirty years, in the Solomon Islands. I think he's an excellent leader for our country and the future of our children, please don't think negative.

We need to move forward together for a new and a bright future for each and every one, we Solomon Islanders we must know that our country is still like a baby that needs to be fed by parents, so please we need everyone to work together. Don't just think that OZ & NZ are controling, us they are not? they are just a good samarithan here to help.

I've been to many countries in the world and I have seen some countries are also small like our country Solomon Islands, but they are far more developped very fast and having big supermarkets, big shopping malls and many people get jobs from it. I'm sure with this government soon we are goign to have more jobs for our fast growing population.

Just because the positive thoughts of the people as one nation and working together with other countries and they learn from each others mistakes etc.

Special thanks to RAMSI for working very hard with our country, i think its a job well done.If RAMSI never come to Solomons i know for sure there is no Solomon Islands any more.

Hem nomoa lelebet koment blo mi, thank u.