People can certainly do any thing in order to get easy money. It is common for money hunger by few people to exploit trees, marine lives and birds for a living.

Our people can earn more, in long term by investing in sustainable development. Our country can learn alot from Australia in developing natural resources for conservation & tourism. They do well with turtle conservations & tourism, birds conservation & tourism, reptile conservation & tourism, National Parks conservation & tourism and natural environment & tourism. I am impressed at the national & international tourists that visit these conservation tourist sites.

We share our world with other living creatures. Our Land, Sea and Air is theirs also. We have an interdependent relationship with our natural world. We never own our land & seas. The Creator owns. We are just stewards. We humans are supposed to be managers of what we are entrusted to look after.

Let us teach our people to use our environment responsibly.

Ologeta onetok, umi sharem environment wantim ologeta other living things.