Thank you for allowing me this space to comment on the above topic.

I personally am a big fan of freestlye and I always go and watch it when I came back home for holidays and its quite facinating and it gets me on my feet to try and do those moves but unfortunately, I can't.

But anyway what I want to point it out is, I totally agreed that it helps youths to stay out of troubles. Pretty much in Solomon Islands there are more crimes committed by young ones, I mean young in their teens. I think those who organised this show should go back and carry on from where they left.

However there's only one thing that I disagree with the people organising this show is, why do you guys have to started it soo late? Its a weekend and why not stat it like midday or bit later in the afternoon? Kids going back home so late is not good. There are drunken people walking round at night times and some of them, they got dirty minds and we dont know whats going to happen.

But anyway I like our youths to get involved in such activities like that but just that time factor is really concerning me. I'm kindly asking those people involved just to reconsider the time and try and put it bit earlier so people can go back home early..Thank you and thats all from me and my dodgeball team in NZ.