In a situation like our current political mess, we have a not so helpful culture of being loyal to distric, island, mission or ethnic group affiliation regardless who is right and who is wrong. Therefore, Watson Joey's biased opinion of the soga led coalition is understandable given that Choiseul the home island of PM Soga is only a kayak ride away from Gizo. But Joey also raised comments that I think need to be thrown back at him.
One such statement in his latest text is, I quote "congratulation to the SOGA government in your ongoing fight to achieve a state and country, where full citizen participation and local involment in leadership affairs is important. The strive to achieve full sovereignty seems clear without foreign power being present in our institutional mechanisms and being remote controlled." end quote. What part of full citizen participation do you refer to when Primo Afeau was pushed aside to make room for Moti? And Police Commissioner? or is the term forigner applies to the white Australians and Kiwis, the polynesians of Samoa and Tonga but not Fiji, PNG and dark skinned Australians?
RAMSI as Joey correctly stated were sent in to restore law and order and rebuild the nation something Solomon Islands could not do. There was a time when murderers and rapists walk the steet of honiara armed and and could not be arrested. Well, law and Order is up to some acceptable level. Joey believes that RAMSI is not rebuilding Solomon Islands. If that statement is true, it is because people like Soga are restricting them. But even if Joey is true, what makes him think Soga and his coalition will rebuild Solomon Islands? 6 years ago, he could not even make a sworn police officer arrest a thief.
Corruption in opposition? Till the moti cladestine flight to Munda, the millions of dollars loan from ANZ for an estate in Lungga, Taiwan being guarantor, the selling of 49 percent of Government shares of SolTai to a Tiwanese friend are explained, we all know that Soga is not a straight guy at all.
With Joey's explanation of sovereignty, It is my opinion that Soga has not shown any development towards it. There is a huge difference between being arrogant, stubbon and defiant to being of any sovereign.
Soga must go.