I wish to be part of the issue as well. Jackson Gege from London had infact laid a very good question, asking where about are our newly graduate doctors are. However, I do not really agree with the statement made to point finger and say that, the managerial system is weak. I think before selecting a life-long vocation, one has to choose between serving the people and looking for a ticket to escape to greener pastures, or dollar hunting. Doctors used the absurd excuse of poor pay and condition of service to escape from the country. Please be reminded that, according to Public Service salary scale, you are the most well paid compared to all other public servants, teachers worse.

In the context of Solomon Islands, you are up there and others are down near ground zero. It would be a immense burden to the government if all sectors put pressure to uplift the salaries of all government workers. Apart from renumeration, you should appreciate the fact that, you are more well trained and qualified than any other person in the Solomon Islands, something that most aspired for but can not achieve in their life time. I believe that the government is trying its utmost best to contain this but it is up to individual doctors.