As war of words continue to be slugged to and fro within the circle of this political crisis, the pretext of "cabinet decision" is the soothing term. All in the name of cabinet decisions.

One wonders, how much of what was approved were really cabinet decisions. Taking many of the controversal issues as an example, is it possible that the entire cabinet agreed to them. Perhaps, my all along opinion might just be right and that is many of the Ministers are the "yes, yes" types and cannot make sound judgement. But that might be an understatement which does not reflect well on our able Ministers. So perhaps the opposite is true. With such infatuated character of our PM, issues of Moti, RAMSI, PI Forum, Police Commissioner and the list of all controversal issues won't trully cabinet decisions per se. All these issues are the PMs' and Ministers appear to be moot on them for obvious reasons.

I do not think the likes of former minster for Education, PLanning and Aid Coordiantion, former DPM can easily agree to any of the issues above unless they are being dictated. So much for Cabinet Decisions.