I remember reading a paper compiled by one of the PS's of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) regarding the brain drain of S.I doctors in 2002. If I rightly recollect, the paper highlighted why doctors were leaving and also suggested some considerations and recommendations.

I know that there were some changes that took place within MHMS during the past years. However, maybe those changes are no longer satisfactory because we are living in a world that changes so fast and some nations like S.I cannot cope with it.
The same problem is happening with NZ doctors. Last month doctors went on strike for better packages. Maybe its a common issue in many countries. NZ doctors are going to the UK, USA etc.

Just for interest, in another angle, I just wonder why some of our very good doctors still keep on working in S.I though the conditions are not satisfactory as expressed. Maybe their explanations can help us grasp some practical understanding in weighing the issue encompassing better scheme of work and providing quality HM services to people of Solomon Islands.

I know that most of the working people in S.I want better packages with various magnitude of desire for better scheme. Last independence theme was "umi tugetha buildim kandere blo iumi". Remember the 90% of S.I people who are struggling to make ends meet in the rural areas because we are chasing what we do not cultivate in our beautiful isles. 'God save the Solomon Islands'.