For too long some senior health managers have selectively use Green Pastures as the reason for local doctors to leave. This reason has not changed for years. Why? Is our Health system that simple?. Nomore ologeta Onetok. Our Health system is too complex to use only one reason as a cause of the problem.

In addition, our Health system is too complex that it is changing like a Jelly fish changeing its shape & direction in relationship to the environments. There are many factors that affect our local doctors to leave. Have we asked them? Is it pay only that causes our doctors to leave? No!!! Our doctors are not that simple. That is too simple. Such notion ignores the complexity of our Health system and the variables that embodies our Health system.

Let us not discuss the solution(s) without dissecting the anatomies of the the issues at stake. Get back and take a look at the issues at stake before we sort the solutions. Ask the doctors why they are leaving. Ask them about salary but let us ask them about these questions also;

1. Work culture
2. Work incentives
3. Resource management
4. Job rotation
5. Health Technology
6. Scholarships
7. Education for children
8. The postings of both husband & wife if both are employed
9. One-man decisions in the Ministry of Health.
10. Wantok business in the allocation of scholarships.
11. Staff motivation.
12. Out-comes orientation.

There are more than one facets of Health. Let us stop blaming doctors for leaving. For too long doctors have been used as attractive victims.

For too long some Health Managers have been misusing the soft nature of Health professionals for too long.

Summary: Paradigm shift with new mindsets in the Senior posts in the Ministry of Health.

Em sampala idea.